Centre College gives back to local community with 2015 United Way Favors Auction

UWauctionGiving back to the local community has remained a top priority for Centre College, and students, staff and faculty are coming together this month to show support for Heart of Kentucky United Way (HKUW). As part of the College’s annual November campaign for the organization, the men of Delta Kappa Epsilon assisted Centre’s faculty and staff in putting together this year’s United Way Favors Auction.
Funding more than 40 programs that aim to improve health, education and income, HKUW impacts the lives of thousands in Boyle, Garrard, Lincoln and Mercer counties. Centre’s campus-wide contributions to the organization exceeded $45,822 last year.
One of the campaign’s larger efforts is the United Way Favors Auction, which puts a variety of donated items, including glass art by Professor of Art Stephen Rolfe Powell ’74 and paintings by Preetha Suresh ’13, up for bid.
Sallie Bright, performing arts coordinator and chair of the HKUW campus campaign for faculty and staff, attributes much of the continued success of the auction to the donation of goods and services from members of the campus community.
“The auction has been going on for many years, and the idea is that faculty and staff members donate services, like a meal or goodies, during finals,” Bright says. “Students bid on many of these items, although faculty and staff members usually buy a few things, too.”
Many programs and offices, Bright goes on to explain, also assemble and donate a gift basket to the auction.
“For example, the music program donated a music basket, the Student Life Office donated a basket of board games and goodies,” she says, “and this year, Facilities Management donated a corn hole set.”
Bright is grateful for the continued involvement of Centre’s Iota chapter of Delta Kappa Epsilon in the event.
“As members of the Danville community, the gentlemen of Delta Kappa Epsilon want to make the biggest impact possible and give back to a community that has accepted us with open arms during our four years here,” Tanner Lyons ’16, philanthropy chair of DKE’s Iota chapter, explains. “The Favors Auction is a great event that connects us with Centre’s faculty and staff, and it also allows us to connect with the surrounding Danville and Boyle County communities.”
This year’s big-ticket items were dinners with Professor of Chemistry Joe Workman and President John A. Roush, in addition to marked “United Way Auction Winner” parking spaces for students and faculty.
Though the final total has not been calculated, Lyons says that early figures show that the event is expected to have raised more money than last year’s auction. With this record amount, Bright hopes that this unique opportunity to give back will have a profound impact on the local community.
“The United Way is a great organization,” she concludes. “People can get something really cool at the auction, and help Heart of Kentucky United Way at the same time.”
by Hayley Hoffman ‘16
November 20, 2015

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