Centre College graduates again achieve high medical school acceptance rates

First-time medical school applicants who recently graduated from Centre College achieved an impressive 94 percent acceptance rate. They are among 20 Centre graduates from within the past five years recently accepted to medical school who will join 2017 entering classes across the nation, both near and far.

Destinations will include Emory University, the University of Cincinnati, the University of Kentucky and the University of Louisville. Reflecting Centre’s international focus, one of the students will attend St. George’s University in Grenada.

Centre College’s Chief Health Professions & Medical School Advisor Joe Workman was impressed but not surprised by the achievements of his students.

“Centre students were successful this year because of their hard work in the classroom, their commitment to service and their passion for medicine,” said Workman.

Medicine and healthcare are popular career choices for Centre graduates.

Of the top 24 percent graduate and professional school programs in which the Class of 2016 enrolled, 6 percent pursued medicine (MD); 4 percent pursued pharmacy; 3 percent each pursued dentistry, veterinary and nursing; and 2 percent pursued physical therapy.

The majority of Centre medical school applicants earn traditional majors in science-related disciplines like chemistry, behavioral neuroscience (BNS), and biochemistry and molecular biology (BMB).

However, it is not uncommon for non-science related majors also to be accepted to medical school. About 20 percent of Centre students who are accepted to medical school represent non-science disciplines like Spanish or economics and finance.

Nine graduates from the Class of 2017 will attend medical schools at the University of Louisville (Karan Aletty, Sarah Bush and David Malicote), Emory University (Lola Fakunle), Lincoln Memorial University (Jessika Young), St. George’s University (Haidar Khan), the University of Cincinnati (Megan Turner), the University of Kentucky (Erin Macleod) and the University of Toledo (Alex Edwards).

The eight additional Centre alumni will attend medical schools at the University of Kentucky (Carter Baughman ’16, Louis Rodgers ’15, Madeline Rukavina ’15 and Samuel Walker ’14), the University of Louisville (Campbell Bishop ’16, Zac Brown ’15 and John Dickens ’12) and Emory University (Marie Poirier ’16).

by Adeel Ahmed
June 9, 2017