Centre College to host 8th annual RICE symposium

It’s springtime again on Centre College’s campus, and with spring comes a flowering of students’ academic and intellectual pursuits, many of which will be showcased at this year’s RICE symposium.
RICE stands for Research, Internships and Creative Endeavors and is a campus-wide event that gives students an opportunity to show off what they have been working on for the past academic year.
Students can choose to present their work in one of three ways. They may give a presentation during a paper session, design a poster to be displayed in the Norton Center for the Arts foyer, or they can display creative work in a gallery, exhibition or live performance in a studio setting.
The event is a unique opportunity for students to gain valuable experience with public speaking, symposia and presenting creative and academic work.
This is the eighth year of the symposium, which sparked from an innovative idea and has since become a treasured hallmark in the life of the College.
There will be a total of 119 presentations from across the academic disciplines this year, including 75 oral presentations, 44 poster presentations and an art exhibition.
The 2015 RICE symposium is sponsored by the dean’s office and all academic programs. It will take place on campus on Thursday, April 9.
See the full RICE schedule.

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