Centre College hosts Fall Internship Showcase

As part of theCentre Commitment, every Centre College student is guaranteed an internship or research opportunity, and this fall, 18 students held internship positions in various companies and offices, government agencies, non-profits and schools. These interns recently presented their work at the Fall Internship Showcase held at the Norton Center for the Arts.

“Our students are doing such great things out there, and we thought that ‘showcasing’ their experiences in this way would allow for more of the campus community to see what our students are accomplishing,” Assistant Director of the Center for Career and Professional Development Mindy Wilson says.

This event, Wilson explains, allows the interns to practice their presentation skills as well as reflect on their experiences with their peers, faculty and staff. It also allows those who might be seeking internship opportunities to network with their fellow students.

Among the group presenting at the showcase, Abby Quirk-Royal ’17 worked with The Cormac McCarthy Journal to evaluate submissions.

“I was given articles to read and then was responsible for typing up a response to each one about the strength of the argument as well as how well the extent to which each author successfully, or unsuccessfully, got their points across,” she explains.

Quirk-Royal met frequently with Assistant Professor of English Stacey Peebles, the journal’s editor, to discuss the articles and determine whether or not to publish each submission. She credits the English courses she has taken at Centre with preparing her well for judging the strength of each author’s argument.

“In all of our English courses, we do a critical analysis of a text that we’ve read, and taking that experience and transferring it to reading the academic articles that were submitted to the journal has been helpful,” she says. “In many of these same classes, we’re exposed to critical essays about works that we’ve read and knowing where published pieces should end up gave me an idea of how to judge each submission.”

Bonnie Rhule ’16 worked with the Kentucky Historical Society this fall, giving public and school tours of the Old State Capitol in addition to creating some of the society’s educational programming. Like Quirk-Royal, she attributes her success in the position to her Centre education.

“Centre gave me confidence in my public speaking skills as well as critical thinking skills that were valuable when trying to develop learning tools for school children,” she concludes.
The full list of students who participated in the Fall Internship Showcase can be found below.

by Hayley Hoffman ‘16
December 7, 2015

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