Centre College hosts Kentucky Philosophical Association Summer Workshop 2015

Centre hosts Kentucky Philosophical Association Summer WorkshopAt Centre College, opportunities abound for staff as well as students, even during the summer months. After successfully hosting the Kentucky Philosophical Association Summer Workshop in 2013, the College will again welcome the program this year on July 23-24.
The professional conference, hosted by Centre’s philosophy program, allows faculty members and advanced graduate students from around the nation and abroad to present philosophical essays to their peers. The journal-length works are nearly ready for publication as-is, but participants also have the opportunity to workshop their pieces with the other philosophy experts.
Out of over 30 submissions from five different countries, 11 scholars have been chosen for the intensive and exciting experience.
“The result is a program that covers several areas of philosophy and has a diversity of interests and scholars,” Assistant Professor of Philosophy Eva Cadavid, who has served as the organization’s president and vice president, said.
Centre Assistant Professor of Philosophy Andrew Roche will be presenting a paper on the 18th-century philosopher Immanuel Kant.
“In my paper, I’m trying to defend a way of understanding a part of Kant’s Critique of Pure Reason, showing that we can have metaphysical knowledge about the world,” he explained.
Roche is excited for the upcoming event and credits Cadavid with the program’s success on campus.
“I’m very proud to get a chance to participate in some of the fine work that Eva Cadavid has done with the Kentucky Philosophical Association,” he continued. “She has single-handedly made Centre a big part of the organization, and because of her encouragement and mentorship, in three of the last four years Centre College students have won the organization’s student essay contest.”
A few students are even getting a first-hand look at the event: Allyson Scott ’16 and Katie Rogers ’17, who are engaging in research projects this summer under Cadavid and Associate Professor of Religion and Philosophy David Hall, are helping to organize the program.
“The workshop will be a fun event at which a number of philosophers get together and try to help each other improve their work,” Roche concluded.
by Elise L. Murrell
July 21, 2015

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