Centre College maintains #3 ranking in the nation for study abroad

Centre College remains ranked #3 in the nation for study abroad participation rates at an undergraduate institution in the recent “Open Doors” report by the Institute of International Education (IIE).

The opportunity to study abroad, along with a free passport for every incoming student, is a guarantee in the Centre Commitment.

“Other colleges always want to know what it is about Centre that makes its study abroad program so successful,” said Kyle Anderson, director of the Center for Global Citizenship. “After countless discussions about financing, management and materials, the answer is always the same: our faculty and staff. From top to bottom, Centre is committed to providing our students with academically rigorous and unforgettable experiences abroad.”

The IIE “Open Doors” report is unique in that it calculates the number of study abroad experiences for academic credit in a given year divided by the number of graduates. If a student studies abroad, say, in the fall as well as during the College’s three-week CentreTerm in January, he or she is counted twice. Since this is not uncommon, Centre’s participation rate often exceeds 100 percent, as it did again this year, for the sixth time in a row.

The 2017 IIE ranking was based on data from the 2015-16 academic year, which saw 360 students taking advantage of Centre’s study abroad program.

In total, 85 percent of Centre students have studied abroad at least once during their college career and approximately 30 percent have traveled two or more times.

“Our students often choose to attend Centre precisely because they wish to expand their knowledge of the world in a challenging and supportive environment,” Anderson said.

“They appreciate that the future belongs to those who know how to build and cross cultural bridges. It’s only after they come to Centre that they realize how knowledgeable and experienced the faculty are in navigating every corner of the globe. This is why our students are choosing to study, serve and work abroad more than once in increasing numbers,” he continued.

Centre’s signature long-term, residential programs in Strasbourg, France; Merida, Mexico; and London, England are completely staffed and run by the College. In each of these cities, students live with fellow Centre participants, sometimes in homestays with local residents, and are taught by Centre professors and local experts.

Other semester-long programs are available in Shanghai, China; Reading, England; Regensburg, Germany; Yamaguchi, Japan; Glasgow, Scotland; and Northern Ireland options at Queens or Ulster universities; and Segovia, Spain.

The three-week CentreTerm programs span the world and are often team-taught with an interdisciplinary focus. Upcoming CentreTerm courses this January include travel to Baltic States (Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania), Brazil, Greece, Italy and Switzerland, Japan, London, Merida, Spain and Morocco; and New Zealand.

“We continue to look for ways for study abroad to become a launching pad—not a final destination—for future learning and career opportunities,” Anderson added. “I expect our academic programs on- and off-campus to become more fully integrated and for our students to find it easier and advantageous to study away at key moments in their career here.”

The Institute of International Education was created in 1919 after the end of World War I to promote peace through international educational exchange. Its “Open Doors” report, which first appeared in 1949, is issued each November and is regarded as the authoritative source on international education, tracking trends of American students studying abroad and international students who study in the United States.

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by Kerry Steinhofer
November 13, 2017

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