Centre College mentioned in articles written by alumna Terena Bell ’99

Independent journalist and Centre College alumna Terena Bell ’99 has recently had two articles published in CSO, where she mentions the College and quotes Shane Wilson, senior systems and networks coordinator for Information Technology Services (ITS).

“The articles were updates on data security debates: platform versus best of breed and internal versus perimeter defense,” Bell said. “In layman’s terms, platform versus best of breed means ‘Do you buy one piece of software to manage all information security?’ or ‘Do you buy specialized tools that offer the best protection for that area?’

Internal versus perimeter defense is another way of saying ‘Is data physically on lockdown in the Olin basement or is data protected in the cloud?,’” she continued.

Bell explained that, as a reporter, she has to find experts to provide the most accurate and current information regarding the topic in the article. For this assignment, Bell decided to get the inside scoop from a college, as she said academia has the reputation of being behind when it comes to technology.

Wilson was interviewed for the internal versus perimeter article, but while talking with him, Bell was able to gather insights for the platform versus best of breed article, as well.

“Centre has always taken a measured approach to data security because—as the article mentions—it’s so important to keep student data safe,” she added. “As Shane says, that’s his own information that he’s protecting. Of course, the college would take the same caring approach to guarding student information as it does to nurturing students themselves.”

Bell remembers these famous words from President John A. Roush: “Be your best, do your best, no regrets,” and realizes that attitude has created experts across campus—not just among faculty but in staff, students and alumni.

“As I research for the best sources for any article I write, I’m going to ask myself, ‘Is Centre a match?,’” she concluded. “It’s my job, yes, but as an alumna, it’s also my little way of making sure the rest of the world knows we’re out there.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
January 23, 2018

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