Centre College ranked #34 in the nation by Forbes

Centre College has once again been hailed by Forbes as one of the nation’s best in its most recent “Top 50 Colleges” list, available in the Aug. 22 print edition of the magazine. Among the nearly 3,500 public and private colleges and universities in the United States offering undergraduate education, along with the nation’s service academies, Centre is ranked #34.
In additional lists posted online on Aug. 3, Centre also appears in three other Forbes categories and is ranked #5 in the South, #20 among liberal arts colleges and #31 among the nation’s private colleges and universities.
This is the third consecutive year that Centre has been ranked among the top five colleges in the South. Ahead of Centre in this category are, in order, the U.S. Naval Academy and Duke, Washington & Lee and Rice universities. Following Centre, to round out the top 10, are Emory University, the University of Virginia, Georgetown University, the College of William & Mary and Vanderbilt University.
“While we like the company that we keep in this year’s Forbes ranking,” says President John A. Roush, “the continued praise we receive across the growing number of college rankings is an important tribute in at least two ways. First, these rankings pay credit to our outstanding faculty and their dedication to undergraduate teaching and student collaborative research. Equally important, the rankings acknowledge our exceptional students and graduates, who are the best ambassadors of how our emphasis on personal education leads to extraordinary success.”
What’s notable about the 2011 Forbes list, suggests Bob Nesmith, dean of admission at Centre, is that among the nation’s top colleges, “we are the most affordable. This supports our value proposition that excellence and affordability can coexist.”
Nesmith’s claim is based on the total cost information (tuition, fees, room and board) included in this year’s Forbes ranking. With the exception of the three service academies included, which are free to attend, Centre has the lowest overall cost among private colleges, at $43,200 per year. This is $10,000 less than the overall average total annual cost of $53,498 among the top 50 colleges. In fact, there are only three other institutions besides Centre that are below $50,000 in total cost.
According to President Roush, “This confirms the mission of Centre College to be a place of high achievement and high opportunity.”
Forbes distinguishes itself among the many college rankings by focusing “on educational outcomes, not reputations.” The Forbes methodology was created by the Center for College Affordability and Productivity (CCAP), founded in 2006 by Dr. Richard Vedder of Ohio University. The CCAP methodology concentrates on five ranking factors: student satisfaction, post-graduate success, student debt, four-year graduation rates and nationally competitive awards won by students.

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