Centre College students host MBA fair

campuscenterWith Commencement looming on the horizon, many Centre College seniors are actively making post-graduate plans, and thanks to the hard work of the Centre Economics Society, making those plans just got a little easier. The society is hosting an MBA fair on Monday, March 10, from 3 to 6 p.m. in the Ewen Room of the Campus Center.

Representatives from institutions with competitive MBA programs, including Duke University, Vanderbilt University and the University of Kentucky, will be on hand to provide information about their respective programs.

Assistant Professor of Economics Ravi Radhakrishnan, who advised the economics students involved in planning the fair, explains that the event is open to all Centre students, not just those taking classes for economics, financial economics or the newly created global commerce minor.

“The great thing about an MBA is that it is open to all majors,” he says. “In fact, business schools value diversity. The bottom line is that an MBA program looks to recruit problem-solvers and leaders, which can be found in every possible field.

“In terms of job prospects,” he continues, “an MBA is useful anywhere that administration, problem-solving and leadership is required.”

Radhakrishnan finds Centre students to be exceptionally strong candidates for MBA programs.

“Centre students gain a diverse set of skills through their education here: from glass-blowing to solving partial differential equations,” he says. “A business school values this diversity, as they know that each field provides a unique way of thinking.

“Overall,” he adds, “Centre students are smart, interact well, have traveled extensively and are comfortable in difficult situations; all this makes for a great MBA student.”

An open house will run though 4:30 p.m., after which each representative will give short presentations. The event is open to all interested students and free of charge.

“This event is an entirely student-driven initiative,” Radhakrishnan notes. “The idea and the execution were accomplished entirely by the student economics society. These are highly motivated students who organized this for the benefit of the entire Centre community. They have worked really hard to put this together, and I hope that their efforts are rewarded with participation by as many as possible.”

by Mariel Smith
March 10, 2014

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