Centre College victorious in Kentucky’s Battle of the Bumpers

The Association for Independent Colleges and Universities (AIKCU) received more than $57,000 from the Kentucky Transportation Cabinet for the 2018 sales of their Independent Higher Education specialty license plate series. Of that, more than $10,000 was for the purchase of Centre College-themed plates, the largest total among all independent colleges and universities in the state.

Each of the plates sold generates $10 for general student scholarship funds, as well as serving as a way for alumni, friends, faculty and staff to show their pride on their vehicles wherever they travel. AIKCU plate sales have generated more than $670,000 for student scholarships in Kentucky since 2003.

“Naturally, we are delighted to have won the ‘battle of the bumpers,'” says Shawn Lyons, vice president for development and alumni engagement. “Centre has a national reputation for the loyalty of its alumni, so we are not surprised by yet another demonstration of their loyalty.”

Only residents of the Commonwealth are able to purchase the Centre plates, so the College’s unusually high number of out-of-state alumni (approximately 50 percent) make this successful challenge even more impressive.

Also boosting sales is an initiative sending Kentucky alumni happy birthday greetings that encourage them to consider getting a Centre license plate when they renew their vehicle registration.

While this friendly competition is a great way to celebrate the loyalty of the Centre family, the real winners are students who receive the benefits of these additional funds for scholarships. For more than 30 years, Centre alumni have been among the nation’s leaders in percentage who contribute annually to their alma mater. Their generosity enables the College to provide ample financial aid, maintain a low student/faculty ratio, support student/faculty research, and offer one of the nation’s top study abroad programs.

Such loyalty is further proof that alumni value their Centre experience even years after graduation.

by Cindy Long
August 8, 2019

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