Centre College's Class of 2021 settles in during New Student Orientation

2021The 2017-18 academic year is now in full swing at Centre College, with first-year students having completed new student orientation and starting their first week of classes. The 405 members in the Class of 2021 had a chance to prepare for their college journey during Centre’s annual orientation week, which gives students five days before the start of classes to transition to campus life while getting to know their classmates and Centre.
New students arrived on Aug. 23 for Move-In Day, when members of the campus community helped them into their residence halls. After settling into their rooms, the Class of 2021 began their Centre experience with a variety of events and activities.
On the first day of orientation, the students are broken into groups based on their potential major interests, where they got to know each other with the assistance of an upperclass orientation leader. These orientation groups also met with their shared faculty advisors for a Dessert and Book Discussion, where they bonded further while discussing this year’s New Student Book, “The Underground Railroad” by Colson Whitehead, who will deliver a convocation address on campus later this year.
Other groups sessions and discussions gave the first-year students a better understanding of life at Centre, including the “Student Life Insider” with the Student Life Office and an informative lecture from the Student Judiciary on campus policies and rules.
As is tradition, the Class of 2021 also joined President John Roush and First Lady Susie Roush at the President’s Picnic, where the students met and dined with them at Craik House, the president’s home.
The Class of 2021 got to know the Danville community better through Service Plunge, an annual event that gives incoming Centre students the opportunity to make a difference in the local region through service. This year, they worked at a variety of sites across town.
Fun events offered through Late Night Programming gave students the opportunity to relax and decompress, including a movie on the lawn in front of Old Centre and an interactive performance by hypnotist Paul Ramsay.
New student orientation came to a close with the annual Opening Dinner and Opening Convocation, both of which take place on the Sunday prior to the first day of classes. Ewing T. Boles Professor of History Steven Beaudoin addressed the class with his speech titled “Solitude and Solidarity,” as did Elizabeth Molloy Dowling Associate Professor of Behavioral Neuroscience Melissa Burns-Cusato who spoke on “Happiness in Neuroscience.”
The annual Activities Expo, held on Aug. 31 along West Walnut Street, features the College’s nearly 90 campus clubs and organizations, allowing students the opportunity to get involved with extracurricular groups as well as interact with community members.
As the academic year moves forward, the Class of 2021 is sure to continue shaping their own unique Centre Experience, just like students have done for nearly two centuries.

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By Kerry Steinhofer
August 29, 2017

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