Centre conducts active shooter drill, Nov. 12

Grace Doherty Library at Centre College was recently the site of an active shooter drill conducted by Centre’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) that put the entire campus on lockdown.

The mock scenario, which took place Tuesday, Nov. 12, beginning at approximately 3:35 p.m., involved an individual entering the first floor of Doherty Library. The campus was alerted through its emergency mass notification system, which sends emails, texts and phone calls to inform individuals about an emergency event. The lockdown was lifted at 4 p.m., and the rescue drill continued in the library until approximately 5 p.m.

Campus DPS collaborated with local law enforcement, Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center and other emergency service officials in Danville and Boyle County to organize and execute the drill, an exercise designed to ensure campus safety.

“It is very important for DPS to work with local law enforcement and medical personnel in an exercise such as this,” Director of DPS Gary Bugg said.

“In the event of a real incident, we would have to depend on their assistance. In working through the details, and in actually completing the drill, relationships and teamwork are strengthened, and familiarity with Centre’s campus and buildings is enhanced for those not part of the Centre community. We have a longstanding positive relationship with community partners, and exercises like this only solidify that relationship.”

A previous drill in 2013 involving an active shooter scenario helped the campus community train individuals in case of a real event.

“Unfortunately, we have to be prepared for events such as this,” Bugg added. “This gives us an opportunity to test our emergency procedures, plus it promotes campus-wide conversations about each individual’s role in the event of a real situation occurring on campus. One of the most valuable outcomes of this exercise will be the lessons learned, which we’ll apply to improve safety throughout the community.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
November 13, 2019

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