Centre continues to receive national accolades for study abroad

CentreHenge PSReinforcing Centre College’s #1 ranking for study abroad by the Institute of International Education, recent rankings by both U.S. News & World Report and Best College Reviews have confirmed Centre’s position at the leading edge of international education.
U.S. News has highlighted the College on its short list of the top 10 institutions with the highest percentage of students who study abroad. Centre landed the #4 spot thanks to its exceptional average of 85 percent of graduates who study abroad at least once.
Best College Reviews, an independent college search and rankings journal, also identified Centre as a top school for study abroad, including it on its list of “The 50 Best Study Abroad Programs in America.” While most schools use third-party organizations to send students abroad, Best College Reviews recognizes programs unique to the institutions and that “provide a personal experience for the student.”
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See Best College Reviews’ “The 50 Best Study Abroad Programs in America.”
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by Caitlan Cole 
Photo: CentreTerm students studying abroad in London with Assistant Professor of Politics Chris Paskewich pose in front of Stonehenge. More than 220 students are traveling to destinations across the world during CentreTerm 2015, taking courses in Africa, the Carribbean, South America, the Middle East, Asia and Europe. 

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