Centre football players share tales from their years on the field

In a recent Kentucky Standard newspaper article, three Centre College football players shares stories from their seasons on the playing field, describing the friendships they have formed and the ways athletics and academics transformed them into men ready to face any challenge.
Centre seniors Paul Downs of Bardstown, Ky.; Tyler Knight of Boston, Ky.; and Kent Simpson of Bardstown, Ky., spoke with Kentucky Standardsports editor Peter W. Zubaty about their childhood experiences playing football, transitioning from high school to college athletes, succeeding in the classroom as well as on the field and what the future holds in store.
“The undergraduate experience at Centre—an academic institution that produces Rhodes Scholars the way Florida turns out first-round NFL draft picks—has been an enriching one for the young men from Bardstown (Downs), Bethlehem (Simpson) and Nelson County (Knight) high schools,” the article says. “With classes sometimes as small as seven people, professors become friends, and even travel along for study abroad.”

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