Centre Futures paves the road to student success

Centre College’s Office of Career Services doesn’t wait until students are seniors to help them plan their futures. Instead, the career counselors begin working with students as soon as they begin first-year orientation—and their assistance does not end when students graduate.
Especially valuable is Centre Futures, a Career Services program that helps each student develop a personalized, step-by-step career plan. Participating students meet with their career counselors at least once each term, learning about job shadowing, internship opportunities, networking with Centre alumni and general career advice.
“Centre Futures has helped me tremendously at this point in my college career,” says Natalie Pope ’13, a self-designed Middle Eastern Studies major. “From general life planning to actually sitting down and working on a résumé for an hour, Centre Futures is a wonderful asset of the Centre experience.”
As a first-year, Pope began meeting with her Centre Futures advisor, Joy Asher, within the first month of school, and the pair immediately got to work writing résumés for upcoming summer programs.
Since then, Pope has “bounced around career ideas from foreign service to the Peace Corps and from autism advocacy to interning in art museums. Centre Futures has provided support and assistance as my interests and career goals have evolved during the past two years.”
The program, for example, guided Pope though the ins and outs of securing a shadowing experience last summer with the nation’s leading autism advocacy lawyer, Lorri Unumb. More recently, Centre Futures (through Asher) has offered her cover letter, résumé, writing sample and general internship advice for her upcoming internship this fall in Washington D.C.
“Centre Futures is truly so more than a resource or resume editing service,” Pope says. “It’s a friendly presence, your very own cheerleading squad that makes the world outside the ‘Centre Bubble’ less intimidating. Their support and encouragement make negotiating career enrichment opportunities a thrilling and highly rewarding experience.”
The Career Services Office is led by director Deb Jones. Joy Anderson Asher serves as associate director, while Mindy Wilson serves as assistant director for employer relations and internships. Sherri Gowins is the office coordinator. As part of Centre’s Office of Academic Affairs, Career Services reports to Dr. Stephanie Fabritius, dean of the College, vice president for Academic Affairs and professor of biology.

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