Centre graduates return to campus July 20-23 for Alumni College

For many Centre College alumni, a group ranked as the happiest alumni in the nation, their time spent on campus is considered to be some of the most memorable times. Those who want to relive those moments have an opportunity to do so in July during Centre’s annual Alumni College, taking place July 20-23.

With over 40 alumni registered for the upcoming weekend event, they will have to the opportunity to take classes in an array of subjects from notable Centre faculty. Each participant selects and attends four 90-minute classes  throughout the weekend.

Some of the courses offered this year include a discussion on Moby Dick as the key to all knowledge, therapy and fun by retired Emeritus Professor of English Milton Reigelman; a lecture on folk music of Kentucky by Associate Professor of Music Nathan Link; and a discussion on political activism in Trump’s America: Muslim and Christian approaches by Associate Professor of International Studies Robert Bosco and Assistant Professor of Religion Matthew Pierce.

Centre’s Alumni College also offers those attending enrichment opportunities and excursions throughout the community, giving them the chance to get to know their fellow Colonels while eating at local restaurants. While on campus, they will stay in the Brockman Commons residential facilities, giving them the full-immersion college experience all over again.

Each year that Alumni College has been offered at Centre, the number of participating alumni has grown, with many Centre graduates enjoying learning throughout their lives, not just while enrolled in school.

by Kerry Steinhofer
July 13, 2017

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