Centre Holiday Traditions

The end of Fall term at Centre College can be stressful as students make the final push to complete projects, papers and final exams. It’s also a time to celebrate a job well done with fun traditions that make the Centre Experience so memorable for students, faculty and staff alike.

Each year, Centre faculty and staff go caroling at student residence halls during the last week of the Fall semester. Beloved by both the students and faculty, the tradition has endured at Centre for more than 30 years. Participants meet at Dean Stephanie Fabritius’ house and carol throughout campus. Musicianship skills are not required and all are welcome to help spread the holiday cheer.

Trimming the tree in Old Centre
Residence Assistants are invited to Old Centre to decorate a Christmas tree in the building’s lobby, creating a festive atmosphere for current students and visitors to enjoy. President John A. Roush, First Lady Susie Roush and other members of senior staff often pitch in.

Late-Night Breakfast
The perfect pick-me-up during finals, Late-Night Breakfast offers a delicious meal served by faculty and staff in the Cowan Dining Commons. The study-breaker helps students recharge and get ready for exams and also illustrates Centre’s deep sense of community.

Holiday-themed shows at Centre’s Norton Center for the Arts offer uplifting performances by highly talented artists for people of all ages. This year, Dailey & Vincent, a three-time Grammy nominated musical duo, performed “The Spirit of Christmas” featuring traditional and contemporary holiday hits as well as Bluegrass favorites.

Giving back to the community
Numerous philanthropic events and fundraisers are held by sports teams, as well as Greek and other clubs and organizations during the holidays in order to support the local community. Whether it’s collecting toys for children in need or a food drive to provide meals to the homeless, there’s a way for everyone on campus to get involved and support Centre’s commitment to community service. This year, Santa Claus visited the After School Program and the students made holiday-themed treats.

by Elise L. Murrell
December 9, 2015

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