Centre hosts Kentucky Economic Association conference

For the first time, Centre College hosted the Kentucky Economic Association (KEA) conference on Oct. 12.

“This is the annual meeting of the KEA,” said John Perry ’00, associate professor of economics and chair of the conference. “The meeting provides an opportunity for economists—academic and professional—to present research to other economists. The conference also offers undergraduate sessions and awards a ‘best paper’ to the best undergraduate research submitted. The conference also awards the annual Kentucky Distinguished Economist.”

Three Centre students, as well as a number of academic and professional economists from Kentucky—including alumni—presented at the conference.

Conner Barnes ’19 presented on “The Determinants of FBS Division I College Football Game Attendance,” Margaux Curless ’19 presented on the “Determinants of IMDb Scores for Television Shows,” and Benjamin Logsdon ’19 presented on the “Cobb-Douglas Production Function of NCAA Men’s Division I Basketball Winning Percentage.”

Recent alumna Emily Dohrman ’18 presented on “The Effect of Fertility on Young Women’s Educational Attainment: Evidence from the CFPI.” Matthijs Schendstok ‘14, who is completing his Ph.D. at the University of Kentucky, presented on “The Distributional Effects of Highways on Income.” Charles Hokayem ‘00, from the Kentucky Research Data Center, gave the plenary session at the conference.

“The KEA is a great opportunity to connect with economists from across the Commonwealth and share research,” Perry said. “It is also a great event in that it provides a supportive platform for undergraduate and graduate students to present their work to a receptive and friendly environment.”

Perry said that conferences like this gives students a sneak peek into the world behind the undergraduate experience.

“For Centre students, it shows in a real way that what they are learning in the economics and finance program curriculum is preparing them to stand up beside other economists and engage in professionally meaningful ways,” he concluded.

by Kerry Steinhofer
October 16, 2018

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