Centre hosts Kentucky Student Council Association spring conference

Centre College’s Student Government Association (SGA) recently hosted the Kentucky Student Council Association’s (KYSCA) spring conference, which is an opportunity for the organization to expand its programming, grow its membership and strengthen student voices across the state.

“Strong leaders mean a bright future for Kentucky,” said SGA President Henry Snyder ’20. “The KYSCA is an organization that can help embolden students to become tomorrow’s civic and economic leaders. When I first heard of this opportunity, I couldn’t imagine SGA not partnering with the KYSCA to do our part in supporting a student-driven organization in pursuit of leadership development.”

The spring conference is the second KYSCA conference, with the first in the fall. Snyder said the hope id to make the conference a biannual event.

“At the conference about 115 students gathered to hear from speakers about leadership and best practices for running their students’ councils,” he added. “The association seeks to represent all student councils across the Commonwealth and is currently in the early stages of building out its membership and support network.”

According to Snyder, Centre was chosen to host the event due to its central location in the state, as well as its prestige. The College offers easy access to schools across Kentucky, along with top-tier facilities.

“I am excited Centre’s SGA hosted the KYSCA’s conference, because events like this allow SGA to have a direct role in leadership development,” he said. “Fostering opportunities for the next generation of Kentucky leadership to grow and connect is at the core of what we do at Centre.”

As an organization whose purpose is to promote the student council movement in the state of Kentucky, KYSCA strives to further leadership training and good citizenship for the individual student. Through activities including an annual state convention, a summer leadership camp and other events, they attempt to educate students and advisors in the field of leadership training. Another goal is to provide a platform for student leaders and their adult mentors to share ideas as they work together to motivate and inspire each other to make a positive difference in their local schools and communities through quality leadership.

by Kerry Steinhofer
March 10, 2020

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