Centre hosts the fourth annual GLIMPSE conference

Centre will host the fourth annual GLIMPSE Diversity Student Leadership Conference on Oct. 14-16. Both high school and college students across the area can register for the conference.
The GLIMPSE conference — which stands for Gathering, Listening, Igniting, Mending, Preserving, Surviving and Empowering — will be a time of discussion about what it means to be a student leader of color in the 21st century.
“The conference promotes diversity and allows students to engage in thought-provoking discussions,” says Agnes Gakpo ’13. “We have presenters coming from various colleges and cities across the country to facilitate our workshops. And this year, two of Centre’s alums will be among the presenters!”
Admissions fellow Gregory Chery ’11 and counselor Kathy Miles will give a presentation, “Inclusion, Advocacy and Education: Suicide Prevention and the ‘Beloved Community.” The discussion is just one of many presentations that will be given by a wide array of people, including Centre professors, Danville residents and visitors from other schools.
“Students will be exposed to a variety of activities at the conference,” Chery says. “They will get an opportunity to learn about different ways to develop and promote cultural competence. Additionally, they’ll also get a chance to learn leadership and ethical decision-making.”
Workshops of all kinds will be available for students to participate in during the conference — including one on dance.
“Last year, our presenter taught us everything from African dance to jazz to today’s break dance. This year we will be taught some Latin dances from our very own student instructors from the new dance club, Moments in Motion,” Gakpo says.
For many, the most meaningful aspect of the GLIMPSE conference is the forums, where students can talk to each other about their experiences.
“Students are getting the opportunity to educate each other. We want students to understand that their voices can and will be heard,” says Chery. “I truly believe that there is a shortage of leaders in our generation. We want to use this forum to turn these young men and women into future leaders in both corporate America and our local communities.”
The opportunity to discuss important issues with other students and work towards the betterment of society is also significant for participants.
“I think the most meaningful part of GLIMPSE is the interaction that we have with other students and the presenters. There is so much knowledge and experience to be shared,” says Gakpo. “It’s an enriching experience and a great networking opportunity.”
“It’s very important that students from other institutions attend this conference because students tend to feel that their problems are isolated. Many small schools are dealing with similar issues and this is a great forum to speak out about these issues,” Chery says. “Hopefully, these students will return to their campuses with a sense of confidence and equipped with different tools to deal with these issues.”

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