Centre installs environmentally friendly water-bottle filling stations

Centre College continues its efforts to encourage the campus community to conserve—two water-bottle filling stations have been installed in Olin Hall (an academic building dedicated to the sciences). This will encourage the use of reusable water containers and a reduction in the use of plastic water bottles.

The College anticipates several other benefits from the installation of the water-filling stations: saving students the cost of buying bottled water; reducing the need for the disposal (trash or recycling) of plastic bottles; helping save the resources needed to make the bottles and ship the (heavy) water; and encouraging more students to drink more water.

The new water bottle filling stations provide chilled, filtered water. They also have an automatic counter installed so the College can measure how much water is used and how many plastic bottles have been saved.

“The filling stations are designed so you can fill your bottle conveniently and quickly. You don’t have to stand there with the bottle tilted, trying to fill it up, while people laugh at you,” says Dr. Preston Miles, professor of chemistry and chair of the President’s Climate Committee, the group on campus overseeing the College’s sustainable efforts.

Jamey Leahey, associate vice president of legal affairs and gift planning and instructor of government, came up with this idea earlier this year during a campus wide “Cost-Savings Contest.” Leahey took the initiative to expand his idea and also recruit a donor to fund the project.

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