CENTRE INTERNSHIPS | Centre senior employs music skills, study abroad experiences to teach in India

Jessica Haralu ’18 combined Centre College’s emphasis on global citizenship and internships this summer as she taught music at the Assam Valley School, a boarding school in Northeast India.

As a vocal performance instructor, Haralu taught music theory, voice and piano, as well as conducted four school choirs. She cited the choir experience as one of the most rewarding parts of her internship in India.

“All the students were extremely talented, it was just a matter of encouraging them,” she commented. “All they needed was confidence and energy and they blossomed. It was amazing.”

Haralu noted that the internship went beyond her expectations. Known on campus for strong vocal skills, she expected only to teach students singing lessons. Instead, she also taught Western music and multiple musical instruments.

“This was very good for me, because I learned a lot about myself, and I groomed my teaching style,” she said.
Centre prepared Haralu for this experience, as she used the format of her college voice lessons to structure classes. Additionally, when she took advantage of Centre’s highly ranked study abroad program by studying in Northern Ireland, she experienced significant personal growth.

“Studying abroad in Northern Ireland last fall taught me to adapt and gave me confidence in every facet of life,” she explained. “This adaptability and confidence was vital to the internship, and Centre gave me the opportunity to foster both of these skills.”

In the future, Haralu hopes to use what she learned from this internship to prepare for working with international students or teaching students abroad for long periods of time.

By Kathleen Murphy ’18
August 3, 2017

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