CENTRE INTERNSHIPS | Combining the environment, education, Amber Cowell ’18 adds nature classes to list of summer achievements

Taking advantage of Centre College’s support of internships, environmental studies major and education minor, Amber Cowell ’18 is splitting her summer between the town hall and the parks department in her hometown of Culver, Indiana.

Cowell has accomplished much so far, helping the town fundraise over the amount needed for an outdoor amphitheater project, organizing two Park Clean-Up Days and setting up several volleyball and spikeball tournaments.

At the perfect intersection between her major and minor, she is also teaching public children’s nature classes for the parks department. She cites her environmental studies and education courses as foundational for building the format and content of these children’s programs.

“My knowledge on teaching all comes from my experience through the education courses at Centre in observation hours at schools and the lesson plans exposed to us in class,” Cowell said. “Then I am able to use my environmental studies knowledge to teach the main core content of the class.”

As Cowell adds innovative new projects to her day-to-day internship duties, the College and her workplace have offered a good support system, as well as encouragement and advice.

“My on-site supervisor, Anna Campbell, and my faculty mentor, Assistant Professor of Environmental Studies Brett Werner, are both very supportive of my personal ideas and implementing them into my internship,” she says.

Cowell’s internship has allowed her the freedom to explore more deeply the career possibilities available in the parks and recreation sector.

“I am hoping to get a better sense of what I would be interested in for a career. I know I love environmental studies and education, which I am studying at Centre, but I wanted to apply them in a real world setting,” she explained.

From collecting samples from the lake to promoting the town’s parks to the public and the media, this internship has given Cowell exactly that opportunity to put her Centre studies into practice.

“I foresee myself continuing a career in parks and recreation or environmental education, which is exactly what I am immersing myself in each day with my internship,” she concluded.

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By Kathleen Murphy ’18
August 10, 2017

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