CENTRE INTERNSHIPS | Griffin Mason ’18 interns in Cape Town, South Africa

George “Griffin” Mason ’18 is incorporating two of his passions, travel and computer science, during his internship in Cape Town, South Africa, with a company called Over, a startup centered around their iPhone photo editing application.

“I work with the iOS team to help implement new features in the app and fix bugs that arise,” Mason said. “It’s such a cool experience to see code you have written actually being used and knowing how users will directly work with it.”

Mason chose this particular internship because he believed he could succeed in the environment and gain confidence in himself as a programmer.

“I’ve never really been the most confident in my code,” he said. “I’m not the type of person to do any extra coding projects outside of the classroom, and this is my first internship, actually. Both of these reasons made me very nervous on the first day, but I’ve felt welcome ever since.”

Mason said he chose to intern with Over, because he wanted to see how he could directly impact them through his skills in computer science and photography.

For the last year and a half, he has been pursuing his passion for photography while completing his education in computer science. Since Over is a photo editing application, a project he is working on is inspired through his use of Over to edit his own photos.

Before working for Over, Mason took a four-week class on iOS development, where he learned Swift, the programming language for iOS devices, through a program called i_Xperience.

In addition to applying what he learned in the i_Xperience class, Mason has been able to apply his academic experiences from Centre and use them throughout his internship.

“The greatest asset I’ve taken with me is research,” Mason said. “At Centre, I had to learn to be more independent in my problem solving.”

“Sometimes a simple Google search will quickly and simply solve a problem, but other times, I’ve spent multiple hours trying to fix my code,” he continued. “I’ve taken this independent work ethic I learned from Centre in order to figure out my own work pace at my internship.”

Even though Mason has learned a great deal about this industry from Centre, through his internship, he is learning exactly what it means to code outside of the class. He has been able to witness how a startup works from organization to the culture of interaction between teams.

“It’s been an interesting experience to see a possible path in the tech industry laid right before my eyes,” he said. “I’m extremely grateful for this opportunity, because I feel more confident in pursuing a possible career path working as a programmer.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
July 27, 2017

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