CENTRE INTERNSHIPS | Logan Featherstone ’19 gains medical experience during internship in Shanghai, China

This summer, Logan Featherstone ’19 worked as an intern at the American Medical Center (AMC) in Shanghai, China, with funding provided by the Centre Parents Committee.

An average day for Featherstone at AMC consisted of shadowing Orthopedic Surgeon Dr. Oswaldo Ponce or Physical Therapist Mitsuhiro Yoshida.

“When we had few or no patients, I worked in the marketing and strategy department,” Featherstone said. “The work consisted of digital design, event planning and data analysis.”

One of the reasons why Featherstone decided to intern with AMC was because he wanted to spend the summer exploring different medical fields.

“I find orthopedics a fascinating branch of medicine, and the work is gruesome but effective,” he shared. “I want to be a dentist, and this is the summer that I needed to commit to it, so I’m exploring another interest to make sure I don’t pigeon hole myself.”

The work Featherstone has done with the marketing and strategy department has been informative for him, as he strives to operate his own clinic and other entrepreneurial endeavors.

“This experience makes me very competitive for graduate school,” he said. “The knowledge I gain from doing hands-on work is more important. I’ve witnessed the medical physician’s lifestyle and duties and have grasped their significance.”

Featherstone believes China is one of the most influential countries in the world, and his time there offered an amazing experience.

“Working on language skills and networking with young start-ups and rooted expats is extraordinary,” he said. “One day, I may want to be located in China.”

While this internship isn’t directly related to his desire of becoming a dentist, it has given him insight as to what may have been.

“I feel that people become too narrow sighted about being one particular thing that they neglect other options,” he added. “I wanted to try another medical field out to know what I’m missing out on and not question my choice later on in life.”

Featherstone’s goal at the conclusion of the internship was to be able to understand the core basics of orthopedics and the complexities of sports injuries and recovery.

“I would also like to say that I am confident in my decision on pursuing dentistry after studying orthopedics,” he said.

by Kerry Steinhofer
August 25, 2017

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