CENTRE INTERNSHIPS | Rachael Ferguson ’18 doubles internship opportunity with work at two non-profits in Washington D.C.

This summer, Rachael Ferguson, a Centre College rising senior, is making good use of the College’s guarantee of internship opportunities by interning with two non-profit organizations in the nation’s capital, Health Volunteers Overseas (HVO) and Women of Peace Corps Legacy (WPCL).

HVO trains medical personnel in countries with few resources, focusing on the needs and means of local individuals. WPCL celebrates and encourages the service of and networking among the women of the Peace Corps.

Splitting her time between the two organizations, Ferguson has gained a wide variety of skills, including database experience and website maintenance. She has also worked on a range of projects from small research tasks to long-term planning for a conference in August.

Ferguson notes that Centre prepared her well for her summer work environment, teaching her how to balance accomplishing assignments both with and without mentorship.

“I am usually given a task or direction to do something and given liberties to do so,” she adds, “Centre has prepared me to work independently and not to rely on constant instruction but…also not to be afraid to ask a question if need be.”

Her internships have given Ferguson the ability to start networking in Washington, D.C. and become more familiar with the city. She also has gained insight into non-profit work at two organizations of differing stages of development.

With this knowledge, she says, “This internship has motivated me to find my way back to D.C. if the opportunity arises. Working with a nonprofit globally would be great.”

After graduation, Ferguson hopes she can take her experience back to Washington to start a career in international development or at a non-profit organization.

By Kathleen Murphy ’18
July 20, 2017

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