CENTRE INTERNSHIPS | Sepideh Karimi ’18 takes on cybercrime at Appriss in Louisville

Sepideh Karimi ’18 is preparing for a future career in international cybercrime or forensics while working as a summer intern at Appriss in Louisville, Kentucky.

Appriss, a Software as a Service company, acts as a data management vendor for businesses, while also delivering technical solutions that prevent fraud, mitigate risk, fight crime, ensure compliance and increase public safety.

Karimi is working with the corporate information security team, where she oversees the cybersecurity of all company businesses, applications and customers.

“This experience has allowed me to get ahead of the pack regarding knowledge of business terminology, knowledge of industry tools and applications like Amazon Web Services products, exposure to and experience with valuable customer compliance audits and more relevant skills,” she said.

Karimi was first exposed to cybersecurity as a profession last summer when she worked in the information services IT department at Norton Healthcare. Her experience made a lasting impact, which led her to want to learn more about corporate security.

As a computer science minor, Karimi has taken a computer networking class, which provided her with the foundations to information security that gave her valuable knowledge regarding the underlying networking processes that security aims to mitigate, including background information on all technicalities and tools within the specialty.

During her internship, Karimi hopes to improve her web application penetration skills, the focus of her current project.

“Pen testing is basically an attempt to scan and infiltrate a web app the same way a hacker might,” she explained. “Pen testing is a common skill that security analysts must use to pinpoint and protect vulnerabilities within a public-facing network in order to conceal customer data.”

The skills Karimi is learning at her internship, combined with what she’s learned at Centre College, will prepare her to enter into the technological industry as a young professional following graduation. She plans to pursue a career in international cybercrime or forensics.

By Kerry Steinhofer
July 18, 2017

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