Centre launches Give the Gift of Centre

The thoughts of many turn to the importance of giving during the holiday season. When making their giving choices, donors want to know that their generosity is making a real impact on the lives of others, and that they’re contributing to causes that reflect their own personal interests and values.

This month, Centre College launches Give the Gift of Centre, a way for donors to “give to their passion” by targeting gifts toward meaningful causes that, while equal in importance, reflect the needs of students that are most important to the giver.

Through Dec. 31, a contribution as small as $15 can help fund one of eight projects that are tailored to broaden the educational experience of all Centre students. The opportunities cover arts, athletics, study abroad and other academic programs where philanthropy can be “customized” to individual interests.

“We are very excited about offering this selection of projects for funding,” says Krista Rinehart, assistant director of annual giving. “Research has shown that younger generations in particular want to see where their money is going, to know their gifts are making a direct impact.

“By offering the following options, in addition to a traditional Centre Fund gift, we hope that we can help younger alumni find an avenue for supporting Centre that strikes a chord with what mattered to them while they were here.”

Centre Compass Scholarships: an intensive one-week orientation program that gives rising first-years the tools they need to be successful campus leaders.

Green Initiative: helps support campus green initiatives by funding the replacement of inefficient lighting in Boles Natatorium and Jones Visual Art Center with LED light fixtures.

RICE Symposium: this annual campus-wide event gives students the opportunity to showcase their research, internships and creative endeavors with the campus community.

Internship Stipends: helps subsidize unpaid internships, allowing more students to take advantage of these invaluable educational experiences.

A.C.T.S. Program: supports the Classroom Ticket Subsidy, helping area school children attend special artist-presented matinees at Norton Center for the Arts.

Centre Athletics Awards: will fund an award ceremony to be introduced in the spring of 2016 to celebrate Centre’s outstanding student-athletes.

A Weekend with Shaolin Jazz: a celebration of diversity for current and prospective students alike, the Multicultural Weekend with Shaolin Jazz combines both a unique film experience and a live band performance on campus.

Study Abroad Stipends: funds that allow even more students to take advantage of life-changing study abroad experiences, preparing them for the future in our increasingly global society.

Above: Rising first-year students engage in problem solving exercises during Centre Compass 2015

by Cindy Long
December 4, 2015

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