Centre launches LiveSafe app to campus community

Centre College’s Department of Public Safety (DPS) has recently launched a new free mobile app, called LiveSafe, for the campus community.

According to Director of DPS Kevin Milby, the app provides a convenient platform to increase the level of safety for those on campus.

“We understand the prominence of mobile devices in the everyday lives of our students,” Milby said. “We realize the value of an app that puts important safety information at our students’ fingertips. This is another tool for us to provide our students with an opportunity to take an active role in their safety on campus.”

The app features several ways for users to keep themselves and others safe. LiveSafe features access to a number of on-campus resources, training and emergency procedures. The “report tips” feature allows students to submit tips related to safety concerns through messages, video, photos and audio files. Tips can also be made anonymously.

Assistant Dean Kendrick Durham, director of campus activities, said the app is a great way to leverage technology to improve communication between students with campus officials and peers.

“Hopefully this app will empower students to look out for one another and increase the likelihood that they would know what to do in an emergency situation,” he said.
In addition, the app features a safety map that allows users to see where they are in relation to campus buildings, safety places and other information. LifeSafe also has a “SafeWalk” button that serves as a virtual escort, where peers can walk you to your location from their mobile device.

According to Durham, this feature is not limited to campus but can be used anywhere cellular data service is available.

“The SafeWalk option is one of the most interesting features of the app, and I can see students using this often when it isn’t possible to travel in groups,” he added.

The LiveSafe app is available from the Apple App Store or Google Play. When the app is downloaded, one must register their device and complete the profile. Once Centre has been selected as the organization, the functions are fully available.

DPS is hosting a contest for students who have downloaded the Centre LiveSafe App. To enter, take a “selfie” with a member of DPS and submit it through the report tips. One of the tip types in the feature has been temporarily replaced with a “contest” button.

“Kevin Milby has put much time and effort into making this app go live for our campus, and the folks at LiveSafe have been great to work with,” said Randy Hays, vice president and dean of student life. “We’re excited to see folks on campus be able to use this app and its many features. Download it, explore it and let us know what you think.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
November 20, 2017

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