Centre partners with Ephraim McDowell health to provide internship experiences for students

Centre College has a new collaborative partnership that provides expanded opportunities for students interested in entering the medical field. Called Centre Uniting with Ephraim McDowell Health Program (CUE), the internship program is geared toward pre-med students who are interested in learning more about medicine and providing care to the local community.

Students can participate in this experience in the fall, CentreTerm, spring and summer.

“The CUE program provides Centre students with an opportunity to experience many different aspects of the medical community,” said Kerry Paumi, associate professor of chemistry.

The internship program includes both the clinical and medical facets that are fundamental in daily healthcare operations, providing insight, frontline experience and knowledge of care provided in hospital and clinic-based settings.

“Students spend time at all levels, from hospital support services to physicians to the administration team in order to help them gain a more well-rounded view of medicine and patient care,” she added.

“As well, the internship program shows students the importance of regional medical care giving them a greater understanding and appreciation for the role of Ephraim throughout the local community. The program also works to strengthen the ties between Centre and Ephraim Regional Medical Centre and exposes students to life in Danville outside of the College.”

Paumi said that in the past year, 12 students have participated in the internship program.

“For some students, the internship experience has been instrumental in solidifying their desire to pursue a career in medicine,” she continued. “For other students, the internship provided them the opportunity to learn that a career in practicing medicine, while interesting, was less desirable and they realized they would prefer to pursue a career in medical research.

“Overall, the experience provided by the CUE internship provided our students both the opportunity to gain a greater understanding of what it means to be a physician at a regional hospital and a chance to connect with the local community of Danville.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
April 10, 2019