Centre ranked #10 for student-staff interactions

Centre College has been recognized for their student-staff interactions recently by The World University Rankings. The College is ranked #10 in the nation among other top institutions, including Denison, Rollins, and Washington and Lee.

In a survey, more than 200,000 students across the U.S. were asked to give a rating of zero to 10 in response to the following question: “To what extent do you have the opportunity to interact with the faculty and teachers at your college or university as part of your learning experience?” Examples of these interactions include asking questions during lectures, participating in discussion sessions, talking about progress in feedback sessions or working directly with faculty on activities other than classwork.

Many of the institutions listed in the top 20 were private, liberal arts colleges—like Centre—which are generally smaller in size and provide a better setting for meaningful interactions with faculty and staff.

The College’s faculty are the foundation of the Centre experience. Centre’s 10-to-1 student/faculty ratio, along with average class sizes of 18 students, gives students the opportunity to connect with faculty and get the most out of their college education.

While active in research, Centre faculty’s top priority is the academic and personal growth of their students, and they consistently go above and beyond to offer a transformative and immersive experience. They harness the College’s highly collaborative culture to inspire students through an intensely personal and deeply engaging approach to education—one that changes students’ lives in the classroom and beyond.

“One of the things I’ve always loved about Centre is the feeling that we’re all in this together,” said Randy Hays, vice president and dean of student life. “Students, staff and faculty—we’re all invested in the Centre experience. We eat in the dining hall, catch students in their drama productions and athletic events and art shows, attend Norton Center events—together.”

Centre’s highly residential campus is home to a close-knit and deeply engaged community of students who take advantage of the many campus opportunities beyond the classroom to enhance their educational experience.

“There’s something very special about the sense of community here at Centre,” Hays added. “Prospective students are told about it, but I’m not sure they understand it—until they get here and immerse themselves into the culture of Centre. Then they take it with them as alumni. I have very dear friends who were resident assistants for me 20 years ago. We’ve stayed connected. I’m not sure that happens everywhere.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
August 6, 2019

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