Centre student distills career skills with marketing internship

Eager to get a taste of Kentucky’s bourbon industry, Centre College’s Austin Glang ’18 of Fayetteville, Georgia, has taken the opportunity to complete an academic credit internship at Danville’s Wilderness Trail Distillery.

As a marketing intern, Glang has a wide variety of responsibilities surrounding day-to-day business maintenance and long-term planning, particularly as the distillery’s second annual “Taste of Danville” event approaches on April 28.

Assisting the company in its event planning, he has gained a unique chance to take part in its first bourbon release and contribute to the different facets of the business.

“I’ve done everything from inventorying merchandise to bartending and helping host a fundraiser,” he explained. “That’s what’s been great about it; everyday is something a little different.”

Glang went on to say that that he feels well equipped to participate on such varied projects, given his preparation at the College.

“Centre students learn quickly in their first year that it takes initiative to succeed,” he said.

“Coming to a class at Centre requires you to be ready to raise your hand and offer your input, without waiting for the professor to call your name first,” he continued. “I think Centre develops initiative in its students by requiring those extra, voluntary steps to succeed.”

He also finds this glimpse into local bourbon production enriching as a non-native of Kentucky, since he has gained a more nuanced understanding of the industry built around the well-known drink.

“I have a general interest in the bourbon industry, and this internship gives me firsthand experience. Being from out of state, it’s fascinating to see how Kentucky’s best-known industry operates, especially at the craft distillery level,” he said.

While Glang will serve in the United States Army after he graduates in May, he concluded that this internship has provided him with teamwork and communications skills essential for any aspect of his future career.

By Kathleen Murphy ’18
March 19, 2018

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