Centre to add study abroad option in Scotland in 2012

With its world-renowned study abroad program, 85 percent of Centre students study at sites across the globe, including China, London, Japan, Strasbourg and the Yucatan. Beginning in the fall of 2012, Centre students will be able to add Glasgow, Scotland, to that list, thanks to the new Centre-in-Glasgow program.
Up to four Centre students per semester will be able to live on campus and study at the University of Glasgow through the Principia Consortium, an agreement the university has with Centre and other colleges in the United States.
Milton Reigelman, director for the Center for Global Citizenship and J. Rice Cowan Professor of English, says that Centre chose to add Glasgow to its permanent locations of semester study for two specific reasons.
“Every year, we assess our semester programs abroad to see if we should either replace any current ones or add programs to increase our options,” Reigelman says. “The University of Glasgow stood out for two primary reasons: it was specifically designed for liberal arts students interested in science, and it was an excellent value in a new, English-speaking locale.”
Science majors sometimes have difficulty fitting international study into their schedules because many requirements for their majors are often not offered overseas. The University of Glasgow program offers an option for those students, allowing them to take science classes they need, along with a variety of classes tailored specifically for them.
“In addition to a wide variety of liberal arts courses, the University of Glasgow has developed courses specifically for US students who are part of the Principia,” says Steve Asmus, associate professor of biology, biochemistry and molecular biology, who visited the University over fall break. “One taken by all Principia students is ‘The Scottish Enlightenment: Ideas and Influences,’ which is an interdisciplinary course that considers Scottish contributions in history, literature, philosophy, science and medicine. The other unique opportunity is a biology course, ‘Functional Anatomy for Pre-Med Students,’ which is a human gross anatomy lecture/lab course that makes use of human cadaver tissue. This course, which we do not offer at Centre, would be a good elective for biology majors and pre-health professions students.”
Glasgow — Scotland’s largest city, with a population of over 580,000 — will be an exciting place for Centre students to study and live.
“They have great art galleries and science museums on campus and within walking distance; students are living in a large multi-cultural city; the University has a strong emphasis on international students and there are cathedrals and castles all over,” Asmus says.
“Two million people — half of the people in all of Scotland — live in the Glasgow ‘conurban’ area,” Reigelman adds. “It’s a vibrant, progressive, exciting city. And Edinburgh is a short train-ride away.”

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