Centre trustees approve new statement on diversity at fall meeting

An ad hoc Trustee Working Group on Diversity presented a report to the full board of trustees at its fall meeting on how to add strength to ongoing efforts related to diversity and inclusion.

Titled “Enriched by our Differences,” the cornerstone element of the report is a new “Statement on Diversity” that affirms at the highest level a continuing commitment on the part of the College to enhance the educational experience for all students.

According to trustee Crit Luallen ‘74, who served as the working group’s co-chair, “The statement emphasizes the importance that the board of trustees places on diversity and acknowledges that our efforts to strengthen diversity and inclusion will be embedded in the life of the institution going forward.”

A key passage from an earlier “Statement on Community” adopted by Centre nearly a quarter century ago inspired the “Enriched by our Differences” report title. That 1994 statement emphasized difference as a strength of Centre’s community, embracing it as something that should be “celebrated rather than discouraged” in an environment “where individuals have the opportunity to exchange ideas and share in the richness of mutual experience.”

The new report provides a blueprint for the College’s future, and at an auspicious time. Centre is set to celebrate its bicentennial in 2019 and is looking ahead to its third century of service

“Our Working Group on Diversity gave us an excellent opportunity to bring together members of the board of trustees and representatives of the faculty, staff, students and alumni for a productive and meaningful dialogue,” said Luallen.

President John Roush was involved every step of the way and said that the work “exemplifies the high expectations we all have of this place that we love.” He added that these efforts will “importantly influence the way in which we do our work going forward.”

The full report and statement were approved and adopted on October 26, 2018.

by Michael Strysick
November 2, 2018

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