Centre’s bicentennial recognized in Congressional Record

Danville’s U.S. representative Brett Guthrie recently recognized Centre College’s 200th anniversary in the Congressional Record, the country’s official record of activity in the U.S. Congress.

“We welcomed, of course, Congressman Guthrie’s entry into the Congressional Record in Centre College’s behalf,” President John A. Roush said. “Turning 200 in the course of American higher education is no small accomplishment, and the opportunity for such recognition was a most fitting addition to our day-long, Founders Day celebration on Jan. 16, 2019. A grand day it was—start to finish.”

Guthrie’s statement:

  Mr. Guthrie. Madam Speaker, I rise today to honor Centre College in 
Danville, Kentucky, which is celebrating its bicentennial this year. 
Officially chartered by the Kentucky Legislature on Jan. 21, 1819, 
Centre has been an important institution in the Danville community and 
in our Commonwealth for the last 200 years.
   What began as a small Presbyterian college with only two professors 
and five students, Centre has grown into one of the top liberal arts 
schools in our country. Given the name Centre to reflect its location 
in the center of Kentucky, Centre College has become a true center of 
academic excellence in the Commonwealth. From its beginning, Centre has 
emphasized personal education, and in keeping with that tradition, 
currently maintains a 10-1 student to faculty ratio. A leader in study 
abroad programs, Centre also promotes a global education, with 85 
percent of Centre students studying abroad at least once.
   Centre offers more than fifty majors and minors across the liberal 
arts spectrum, and its alumni include two United States vice presidents 
and two Supreme Court justices. I have had Centre graduates on my staff 
and have always been impressed by their diligence and the quality of 
their work. My colleagues may recognize Centre College as the host of 
not one, but two vice presidential election debates, both in 2000 and, 
because the 2000 debate was handled so well, again in 2012.
   I commend Centre College for its commitment to education, and to the 
success of its students. I am proud to represent Centre College in 
Congress. Congratulations to Centre College--here's to the next 200 

by Centre College News
January 18, 2019

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