CentreTerm: Centre students work together to teach English in Honduras

Kim Lownds ’14 and Katrina Ayoub ’14 are two Centre College students interested in pursuing careers in education, and both women have traveled and taught extensively as part of their own education at Centre. This CentreTerm, the duo will travel to Comayagua, Honduras, for a unique educational opportunity at El Alba Bilingual School.
CentreTerm is a three-week January term between traditional semesters that gives students and faculty the flexibility to explore specific subjects intensively. Many students stay on campus to immerse themselves in a certain subject; others travel abroad with classes in faraway places; still other students, such as Lownds and Ayoub, use CentreTerm to complete internships.
“We created this internship with the help of Katrina’s older brother, Ibrahim Ayoub,” Lownds explains. “He works at the U.S. military base in Honduras, so he was able to get us in contact with one of the local bilingual schools, El Alba.”
Lownds and Ayoub will be assisting teachers, instructing students and managing a tutoring center.
“We’re most looking forward to experiencing a bilingual education,” Ayoub says. “We’ve spent a large amount of time working in American schools and are looking forward to observing a different method of education.”
lownds_costaricaBoth students come to the internship with prior international travel and education experience; Ayoub studied abroad in Ghana (pictured above), and Lownds studied abroad in Costa Rica (right, fifth from right).
“Centre has provided me countless opportunities to prepare for this internship,” says Ayoub. “The education program professors have been advising me on this trip, and my trip to Ghana gave me experience teaching alone in a foreign classroom.”
Lownds feels equally ready for the challenge of teaching and working abroad.
“My experience in Costa Rica last CentreTerm was incredibly helpful because I was completely immersed in the Spanish language,” she says. “It definitely helped me prepare for the wide presence of Spanish in Honduras.”
And while both students are looking forward to another chance to flex their teaching muscles, they remain mindful of the valuable opportunity afforded to them.
“We want to thank the Centre Education Fellowship,” say Ayoub and Lownds. “It has provided us the wonderful opportunity to be here in Honduras.”
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By Mariel Smith

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