CentreWorks kicks-off Resilience Boot Camp

The hectic uncertainty of living during a pandemic is something that has impacted us all. And, while many are looking to pre-pandemic life with envy, Andrew Patrick, assistant professor of history and associate director of CentreWorks, has begun to look toward the future with co-directors Andrea and Anthony Margida.

Over the summer, CentreWorks announced the launch of a virtual Resilience Boot Camp that was meant to “prepare incoming first-year students to imagine resilient communities in a post-pandemic world by fostering an entrepreneurial mindset that recognizes the opportunities inherent in the complex challenges that the world faces,” said Patrick. At the same time, they were providing the added benefit of allowing these students to establish connections within the Danville and Centre communities early in their college career.

Patrick and fellow facilitators Lyric Hyde 23′ and Mary Kamikazi 21′ reported that the first camp was a success. Following a large session, the thirty-plus participants were split into breakout rooms where CentreWorks interns led the first-years in small group discussions—a highlight of the event, according to Patrick, “since everyone got to chance to chat with their peers.”

While CentreWorks will be able to offer a full calendar year of activities, this boot camp will conclude before freshman orientation. Patrick explains that “the boot camp does fill one of the core requirements for a CentreWorks certificate in the entrepreneurial mindset, which we’ll be creating this academic year.”

Anthony and Andrea Margida explain that this certification in the Entrepreneurial Mindset will be offered to those attending several summer and semester long rotations in their programs. “Each rotation will provide opportunities to learn, participate and facilitate in the respective program offering,” said Anthony.

The goal of the project from the start was to provide a means for students “to connect with their peers during the program and understand the importance of resilience in life, business and communities, as well as the ways in which they can incorporate the special skill into their daily lives,” explains Kamikazi.

“The boot camp brought students with similar aspirations and goals together, which highlighted their common ground no matter where they are from.”

Anthony and Andrea Margida stress the importance of the programs being offered, especially in the midst of this pandemic. 

“Our world is changing and societal and economic challenges are plentiful. CentreWorks’ mission is to build resilience in individuals and the community. It is poised to work alongside all in our region to assist in providing capabilities and to act to address the challenges as they continue to arise,” Anthony concluded.

Learn more about CentreWorks programs being offered here.

by Ainsley Wooldridge ’21
August 10, 2020

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