Chautauqua performer to address inaugural Lincoln Scholars

img538Abraham Lincoln SpringThe incoming Class of 2020 heralds the arrival of the inaugural group of 10 Lincoln Scholars, Centre College’s newest “full-ride plus” scholarship opportunity for outstanding students who have the capacity and deep desire to change the world. As part of the group’s pre-first-year orientation program, a Chautauqua Abraham Lincoln performer from the Kentucky Humanities Council will be visiting the Scholars on Tuesday, Aug. 16 at 3:45 p.m., in the Admission Welcome Centre in Old Centre. The event is open to the College community, in addition to the AP History Programs at Danville and Boyle County High Schools.
According to Robert Schalkoff, director of the Lincoln Scholars Program, the performer will help the Scholars better understand the namesake of the program in a unique and interesting way.
“The event has been planned to follow work Scholars have done this summer,” Schalkoff says. “They have shared and combined their collective knowledge of Lincoln, and the Chautauqua performance will provide them with the opportunity to fact check their knowledge and understanding of Lincoln, as well as gain new insight into this historic figure.”
As part of the colloquium, Scholars also will be hearing from Centre President John Roush, himself a connoisseur of Lincoln and leadership study. Other activities will have Scholars look at the 16th U.S. President as a role-model for self-directed and lifelong learning, and explore Lincoln’s role both as a change-maker in the U.S. and an inspirational figure around the world.
“These activities are designed to help Scholars connect with Lincoln and encourage them to reflect on how they might engage their own ‘better angels’ to work for positive change in the world,” Schalkoff explains.
The Lincoln Scholars Program is one of the College’s premier scholarships, joining the Brown Fellows Program and the Grissom Scholars Program. It includes a four-year, “full-ride plus” scholarship, three summers of enrichment experiences that further develop students’ tenacity, grit and understanding of humankind’s challenges, opportunities to pursue career-building and leadership-enhancing experiences, and individual mentoring.
Greg Waltermire of Lexington portrays Lincoln for Kentucky Chautauqua through his presentation “Wit and Wisdom of a President.” He holds a Ph.D. in educational policy studies and evaluation from the University of Kentucky.
The Kentucky Humanities Council is a non-profit Kentucky corporation affiliated with the National Endowment for the Humanities.
by Cindy Long
August 11, 2016

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