'Chic, functional' Centre College room decor featured in Kentucky Living magazine

dormFor incoming students needing tips on how to make the most of their residence hall room decor, the August issue of Kentucky Living magazine provides step-by-step solutions to functional—yet, chic—college living.
Photo by Tim WebbIncluded among the featured students are Centre College’s Lola Fakunle and Katie Rademaker, whose Yerkes Hall room was described as “perfectly coordinated—from matching yellow bedding and navy and white ottomans, down to pops of the same coral accent color on their photo frames and side table.”
The rising-sophomore roommates are featured on the cover of magazine, and throughout the article they share their own approach to making their room feel a little bit more like home.
The secret, the two explain, is to start with a color scheme—and coordinate those plans with your roommate over the summer, if at all possible.
“We knew we wanted to do yellow and navy, with cream. So we really just tried to find items in those colors over the summer when we were out and about,” Rademaker said.
Ultimately, the pair said their goal was to have a place they wanted to come back to at the end of the day. “A lot of our friends didn’t have that homey vibe in their room, and they ended up coming over to our room to hang out,” added Fakunle.
Find the complete article, featuring a helpful list of design tips from Fakunle, Rademaker and other college students, in the August issue of Kentucky Living magazine.
Photos by Tim Kidd

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