Christina Stoler ’19 to attend Yale University’s nursing school

Psychology major and behavioral neuroscience minor Christina Stoler ’19 (Louisville, Kentucky) will continue her education in the fall at Yale University in their Graduate Entry Pre-Specialty Nursing (GEPN) program.

In addition to Yale, Stoler applied to three other graduate-level nursing programs at Bellarmine University, Johns Hopkins University and Vanderbilt University.

“I had applied to Yale, because they had an amazing graduate entry nursing program, which included the psychiatric nursing specialty,” Stoler said. “The program would allow me to get my nursing license, earn a master’s in nursing with a focus in psychiatric and mental health and become a psychiatric nurse in three years.”

Stoler said she chose Yale not only because they are ranked #5 in the country for master’s in nursing programs but because they emphasize the role of a nurse in local, national and international healthcare.

“Their program focuses just as much on the ‘art’ of nursing—the compassion, empathy and clinical competency necessary when interacting with patients—as they do on the science of nursing,” she added. “Yale-trained nurses are prepared to work against health disparities both locally and internationally, with the awareness of and skills to combat the cultural and socioeconomic issues that impact the quality and/or availability of healthcare for people around the world.”

Due to the academic rigor of Centre College and the support she’s received from professors and advisors, Stoler feels confident in her ability to handle the accelerated nursing curriculum Yale offers.

“More importantly, I feel prepared to continue to become a more civically minded and culturally competent student that will help carry out the Yale School of Nursing’s mission: ‘better health for all people,’” she said.

After completing graduate school, Stoler hopes to begin her career as a psychiatric nurse practitioner with a focus on child and adolescent populations in areas of critical need.

“I am extremely honored and humbled to be pursuing my graduate education at an institution of such high caliber with a rich history of preparing innovative and strong leaders in the healthcare field,” Stoler concluded.

by Kerry Steinhofer
April 16, 2019