Class of 2018 kicks off final year at Senior Celebration

The Class of 2018 gathered the evening of Aug. 29 to kick-off their final year at Centre College during the annual Senior Celebration. They celebrated the start of their senior year with words of wisdom and praise from President John A. Roush, along with two young alumni: Kiana Fields ’15 and JC Phelps ’16.

“Susie and I see it as a chance to come together with them, challenge them to make the most of what’s left, challenge them to begin supporting the place that has changed their life for the better and forever,” Roush said.

The gathering allows the senior class to begin planning for the year ahead and prepare for what will come after Centre.

“It is, arguably, the first moment when it occurs to them that it’s ‘almost over,’” Roush continued.
The Senior Celebration is also the opening ceremony for Honor Walk, an annual tradition that takes place Commencement weekend. At the event, President Roush presented each senior with a “talent,” a coin with Old Centre on one side and the College seal on the other, that they will present to someone who has most influenced their Centre experience.

For Sarah Nisbet ’18, the Senior Celebration was a time for the Class of 2018 to come together for the last time before Commencement.

“With so many of us going abroad during sophomore and junior years, it was cool to be in the same room with only our class for the first time since our orientation three years ago,” she said.

The celebration ultimately offers the senior class perspective on their final year at the College. Nesbit reflects on her Centre experience and the people she’s met who have made her college years memorable.

“It feels surreal to be the oldest class on campus as we enter our last year,” she said. “I’ve known and said goodbye to so many amazing Centre students, so in a way, I’m excited to join their ranks again as an alumna, but leaving Centre will be the toughest goodbye.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
August 31, 2017

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