Class of 2020 kicks off their final year at Centre

The Class of 2020 gathered the evening of Sept. 3 to begin their final year at Centre College during the annual Senior Kick-off.

This event also begins a wonderful annual tradition for seniors known as Honor Walk that takes place Commencement weekend. At Tuesday’s event, President Roush presented each senior with a “talent,” a coin with Old Centre on one side and the College seal on the other, that they will present, at the conclusion of their four years on campus, to someone who has most influenced their Centre experience.

Students gathered at the Combs Center for a reception, where they received their commencement folders, enjoyed hors d’oeuvres and mingled with their classmates. Following the reception, the Student Advancement Board led the class to the Benefactor’s Plaza, located near the back entrance of Old Centre, where the students received their class shirts and Honor Walk talents.

“The Benefactor’s Plaza is symbolic of the donors who came before them and provided a strong foundation for their future and the College,” said Mackenzie Snow ’19, alumni & development fellow. “The students were figuratively standing on the shoulders of alumni, parents and friends who gave back to Centre.”

The gathering is a special moment for the senior class, as it officially launches their final year at Centre and prepares them for what’s ahead, as well as encouraging them to consider how they may impact someone else’s future Centre experience by giving back.

“Seniors receive their talents from President Roush and Susie and begin their ‘final walk’ behind Old Centre,” Snow added. “Fast forward 6,000 hours, and students return to conclude their path at Honor Walk by giving their Centre talent over the Centre seal to their honoree.”

by Kerry Steinhofer
September 6, 2019

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