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Centre College welcomed the largest group of new students in the history of the College with 403 first-year students in the Class of 2021.


Total enrollment now stands at about 1,450 students, which is also record-breaking. To put this number into perspective, when President John A. Roush arrived at the College 20 years ago, enrollment was 1,050.

“Centre’s habit of ‘measured and modest’ growth continues,” Roush said. “What pleases me as much as their number count is that they—together—represent the most academically talented and most diverse class we have ever admitted.”

Here’s a breakdown of the class by the numbers:
  • 403 first-year students is the largest in Centre history
  • 51% of the class are men. 49% are women.
  • 86 are first generation college students

  • Students represent 23 countries

  • 33 states are represented

  • 62% are ranked in the top 10% of their high school class

  • 29 ACT median score

  • 31% underrepresented populations

  • 44% are student athletes

(infographic) Class of 2021 by the numbers