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Review past Commencement speakers and speeches.


2019 Commencement Address: Seeking Inspiration from Centre’s Past by Kentucky historian Stuart W. Sanders, Centre College Class of 1995. Rev. Canon Naomi Tutu spoke at the baccalaureate service. Her powerful sermon celebrated the humanity, dignity and wonderful variability of all people. More…

2018 Commencement Address: Robert M. Franklin, PhD

2017 Commencement Address: New York Times best-selling author J.D. Vance

2016 Commencement Address: Posse Founder Deborah Bial

2011 Commencement Address: Life Stories I’ve Learned by Lee T. Todd, Jr., president University of Kentucky

2010 Commencement Address: Larry Shinn, president Berea College

2009 Commencement Address: Famous film and television producer Jerry Bruckheimer and his wife, preservationist and writer Linda Bruckheimer urge Centre grads to go out and make a ruckus

2008 Commencement Address: Retired astronaut Leland D. Melvin speaks on the subject of creativity. Melvin drew from his 25-year career with NASA, where he logged two flights aboard Space Shuttle Atlantis and over 565 hours in space to help build the International Space Station.

2007 Commencement Address: Lift Up Another Person by Tim Russert, journalist and moderator of Meet the Press