Centre Compass Program


For Centre students, a world of opportunity awaits — and the Centre Compass Program is here to guide your first steps: July 7-14, 2019.

Designed for rising first-year Centre College students, this on-campus leadership training experience will help you maximize your potential as a student leader at Centre. The one-week, intensive orientation will feature interactive workshops and activities focused on cultivating such traits as critical thinking, initiative, creative problem solving and communication skills — all the tools necessary to become a successful leader, both on campus and in your professional career beyond.

Students will learn from speakers, workshops, field trips, films, and interactive activities throughout their on-campus stay. Because we believe all Centre students have the potential to grow in leadership ability, admission will be granted to the first 40 students who sign up for the program and make a $200 deposit. All other students will be put on a wait list for admission to the program.

For more information, students should contact Program Director, Cody Cook, and can reach him by email here.


Why should you participate in the Centre Compass Program?

  • To learn critical skills for success both in and out of the classroom.

  • To get a head start on familiarizing yourself with campus and the Danville community.

  • To obtain additional, ongoing mentorship opportunities during your first year in college.

  • To list the program as a credential on your resume for future jobs and graduate schools.

  • To be eligible for the Leadership Certificate at the end of your first year.

  • To gain a group of new friends who will challenge and support you during your four years on campus.

  • To make a positive impact on our community and the world.

  • To connect with an upper class student peer mentor for first year of college.

  • To become intentional about your time on campus and make the most of your Centre education.


Each day of the program will be focused on one leadership skill set. Typical days will include three sessions comprised of a morning, afternoon, and evening class and/or activity. Examples of topics and activities are listed below and are subject to change.

DAY 1: What is Leadership?

  • Students will explore leaders throughout history and grapple with what it means to be a leader in today’s society.
  • Students will be exposed to a variety of leadership theories and teachings.
  • Special welcome address by President Roush.

DAY 2: Self-Awareness

  • Participants will gain greater self-awareness through instruments such as the Myers Briggs Type Indicator and StrenthsQuest TM.
  • Activities will include participation in a low-ropes course, reflection exercises, meditation, and journal writing.
  • Students will tour campus and the surrounding Danville businesses and community to gain a better awareness of local resources and opportunities.

DAY 3: Communication Skills

  • Students will learn and practice listening skills, communicating clearly and effectively, confrontation, group dynamics, and mediation.
  • Students will examine the pitfalls and advantages of social media and communicating through technology.
  • Upper class student leaders will provide insights and advice for applying leadership skills on a college campus, navigating campus culture, and what they wished they had known as first year students.

DAY 4: Diversity and Inclusion

  • Students will participate in activities and workshops that will help raise awareness about issues related to diversity, inclusion, and privilege.
  • Participants will be introduced to various campus resources and offices that can provide assistance throughout their Centre career.

DAY 5: Creative Problem Solving and Innovation

  • Students will learn many creative problem-solving techniques and will be challenged to put them into practice.
  • Innovative organizations and companies will be studied and analyzed.
  • Students will come up with their own entrepreneurial ideas and share them with the group.

DAY 6: Positive Thinking, Persistence, and Action

  • Participants will study the research on positive thinking and its connection to leadership.
  • Students will reflect on importance of creating and maintaining a healthy personal lifestyle.
  • We will explore the question: What does it mean to be a risk-taker?
  • Students will learn how one person can make a big difference by hearing from a panel of activists, entrepreneurs, and volunteers in the evening.

DAY 7: Individual Leadership Philosophy and Goals

  • Students will create a personal leadership philosophy and create goals for the year ahead.
  • The week will end with a closing banquet ceremony and commitment to living lives of leadership.


Students should check in at the Campus Center from 1 to 3 p.m. upon arriving to campus on July 7. Students may leave campus the morning of July 14.

  • The cost for food, housing, trips, instruction materials and a shirt is $1,000 for the week. Financial need-based scholarships are available for qualified applicants.
  • Students who receive financial aid at Centre may qualify for whole or partial aid. 3 FULL Scholarships are available for first-generation College students. When registering, please indicate if you would like to be considered for a scholarship or partial financial aid.
  • Students will be notified of admission on a rolling basis. To check on admission status, please email program director Cody Cook at cody.cook@centre.edu.
  • After admission, a non-refundable $200 deposit is due to the program director by June 1 and will confirm your spot in the program. The balance is due upon arrival to campus on July 7.

  • Rides from the Lexington airport will be provided. Please request a ride as soon as flight arrangements are made.
  • All students will live together on campus with an upper class student serving as a Resident Assistant. Most participants will have a roommate for the week.
  • Laundry, fitness, and cooking facilities will be available.


  • spending money (optional)
  • bed linens and towels
  • summer clothes
  • toiletries
  • prescription medication
  • copy of medical insurance card
  • one nice outfit for the final banquet

What participants had to say about the program

“Compass is a program that gives you almost like a backstage pass to what it feels like to be a Centre Student before the rest of your class. I would very much recommend it to incoming students for it made me fall I love with Centre all the more, giving me the confidence of knowing the campus, the experience of engaging in the Danville community, and the wonderful opportunity of connecting with the faculty and making great, lasting friendships.”

— Hesed Payocong

“This program was nothing short of amazing. I made lasting friendships, learned more about Centre than I possibly could have during an overnight visit, and learned more about myself as a leader, and what kind of strengths I can bring to a group setting.”

— Evan Miller

“The Centre Compass program creates a unique community of learning, friendship, and personal growth in a welcoming environment. I would highly recommend the program to any student seeking to maximize their potential as an incoming Centre student.”

— Payton Howard

“Compass was honestly one of the best experiences of my life!”

— Ashley Lewis

“Leadership is just the tip of the iceberg. At compass you will learn about yourself, your campus, and Danville more than you could ever expect. It is an amazing opportunity to form a bond with the people and places that will become your new home.”

— Hannah Reis