CUE internship program confirms Andrew Arnold’s ’21 career aspirations

As part of the Centre Uniting with Ephraim McDowell Health Program (CUE), Andrew Arnold ’21 (Louisville, Kentucky) is interning this summer at Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Hospital in Danville.

The collaborative partnership provides expanded opportunities for students interested in entering the medical field. The internship program is geared toward pre-med students who are interested in learning more about medicine and providing care to the local community.

As a biology major, Arnold was interested in this program so that he could be exposed to the various specialties in medicine.

“After my Health in Danville CentreTerm course during my first-year, I really liked getting to meet and interact with residents of Danville and the surrounding community,” Arnold said. “I felt like the CUE internship combined my passion for people and medicine and would help to confirm my aspirations of being a physician.

“I am blessed to have this opportunity this summer, because it is directly applicable to what I want to be doing for the rest of my life,” he continued. “I had looked into doing some research but realized I wanted more of an interaction with doctors and patients, and this was the perfect opportunity to do that.”

This summer, Arnold has a variety of shadowing opportunities in both inpatient and outpatient settings. He recently shadowed in the orthopedic/spine center and talked with surgeons and internists about following up with patients after their surgical operations, including knee replacements and hip fracture repairs.

In addition, he has shadowed in an outpatient family and internal medicine clinic with patients coming in for routine check-ups or discussing lab results and other tests done with specialists.

Other areas where Arnold will have the opportunity to shadow include the emergency room, operating room for general surgery, cardiovascular unit, critical care unit, obstetrics, respiratory, and diagnostics and transport.

“Being able to listen to patients and hear about what they are experiencing, whether it is their interaction with certain medications, their pain levels or even what is going on in their home/work life, has been easier because of Centre’s focus on written and verbal communication, whether that is through the many essays we write, PowerPoint presentations we create or just classroom discussions,” he explained.

Arnold said his organic chemistry professor Joe Workman emphasized to the class the importance of working together and cooperating among peers to enhance their overall learning, and he believes this also applies to medicine.

“There is so much that goes into the care for one patient, and everyone—from the cleaning staff, administrative workers, nurses and finally to the doctors—needs to be able to work well together and have a strong relationship in order to provide the best quality of care they can to their patients,” he concluded.

by Kerry Steinhofer
June 19, 2019

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