CUE internship sets Kate Dutton ’21 on track for medical career

Kate Dutton ’21 (Shelbyville, Kentucky) is taking advantage of the Centre Uniting with Ephraim McDowell Health Program (CUE) this summer as an intern at Ephraim McDowell Regional Medical Center in Danville.

The collaborative partnership provides expanded opportunities for students interested in entering the medical field. The internship program is geared toward pre-med students who are interested in learning more about medicine and providing care to the local community.

As a biology major on a pre-med track, Dutton has the opportunity to experience a variety of jobs and tasks in the hospital. These range from being in the operating room and viewing surgeries to sitting at the front desk at dispatch and sending out the ambulance or doctors to patients throughout the hospital.

“I was interested in doing this internship because it gave me the opportunity to see all the jobs in the health field that I did not know much about,” Dutton said. “The other day I was in the laboratory and looking at how they take samples from wounds or other things from patients and culture them to see if they have any bacteria and how to treat it. It was really interesting.

“I’ve always had an idea of what type of doctor I want to be, but I wanted an internship that could open my eyes to other specialties, as well,” she continued.

During the internship, Dutton said she oftentimes has doctors ask her questions to determine her experience level or to see if she could solve problems on her own. She said Centre has helped her to learn how to think critically and be able to address the problems she encounters.

“Without some of my genetics or biochemistry and molecular biology classes, or some other classes I took in high school, I would be lost on a lot of stuff,” she explained.

Dutton hopes to gain insight on the options of different medical fields.

“So far, I am still pretty set on being an orthopedic surgeon, but I still have a month left,” she said. “I could see something or shadow a field I really like.

“I want to be a doctor no matter what,” Dutton continued. “I couldn’t picture myself not being a doctor. People always ask why, and it’s truly because I don’t know what else I would do. That’s all I have ever seen myself doing. This internship now let’s me get some experience and see what type of doctor I want to be.”

Learn more about Centre’s pre-med program here.

by Kerry Steinhofer
June 27, 2019

This article is part of an internship series, as 87 percent of Centre College students participate in at least one internship or research experience—a guarantee in the Centre Commitment

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