David Miller ’13 and Jordan Shewmaker ’14 selected for state and national political roles

David Miller ’13 and Jordan Shewmaker ’14 are heavily involved in politics on Centre’s campus. And starting soon, they’ll extend their reach to the state and even the national level.
At the recent Kentucky Democratic Party (KDP) State Convention, Miller was chosen as a delegate to the Democratic National Convention in Charlotte, N.C., this September, while Shewmaker was selected to serve as a youth delegate from the Second Congressional District on the KDP’s State Central Executive Committee (SCEC). Both Miller and Shewmaker are excited about these new opportunities.
“Getting selected to be a delegate to the Democratic National Convention is a great honor, and not only because I get to represent the voices of Kentucky’s Democrats,” Miller says. “As one of the youngest members of the Kentucky delegation, I have an enhanced role as a representative of young members of the KDP and the Democratic Party as a whole.”
“The SCEC is the executive body of the KDP—it sets the party budget, has the power to appoint elected officials in some cases if there is a vacancy, plans state convention, etc.,” Shewmaker says. “Being in this position will give me an opportunity to help the Democratic leaders in the state make decisions on the function of the state party. In addition, it will allow me to have a much more active and influential role in statewide politics.”
While anticipating the Democratic National Convention this fall, Miller is enjoying the thrill of the unknown.
“This is my first convention, and to be a delegate at the first convention that I attend is a giant thrill,” he says. “The Kentucky delegation met last Saturday, and I got to meet some of the people that I will be spending the week of the convention with—they are a great group of people. If nothing else, spending the week with these incredible members of the KDP and to hear what their stories are is a wonderful privilege.”
Miller is also excited at the prospect of seeing Pres. Barack Obama at the convention.
“I am most looking forward to the president’s address to the convention to accept the nomination of the Democratic Party’s nominee for President of the United States,” says Miller. “As someone who cast a ballot for the President in 2008, it will be an incredible experience to see him accept the party’s nomination, and it will be something that I won’t forget.”
Shewmaker plans to treat his role as a youth delegate as both a learning experience and a way to help other people become interested in the political process.
“Overall, I am looking forward to learning more about the intricacies of politics on the statewide level. I am excited to have the opportunity to travel the state, speak at events, and meet new people,” Shewmaker says. “I truly love the state of Kentucky and hope to give something back to the state through this position. Hopefully, I can set an example for anyone hoping to become involved in politics.”
Miller and Shewmaker are glad to have the chance to put their knowledge and interest in politics to good use—and are also looking forward to representing Danville and Centre College well.
“I hope not only to strengthen the Democratic Party, but to be an active advocate for Centre College and Boyle County,” Shewmaker says.
“Trust me when I say that the task of representing Centre is the one that I am most humbled to do, not only because I will become an alumnus of the College next May, but also because I give credit to Centre for presenting me with multiple opportunities to pursue events like attending the DNC,” says Miller. “I will never forget how supportive the Centre community has been.”

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