Debate merchandise now for sale through the College

With the Vice Presidential Debate at Centre College less than 130 days away, the College community has begun preparing for the main event—and now others can, too, by visiting the new Debate merchandise website for their own Debate gear.
“There is much excitement over the fact that the smallest school ever to host a general election debate has been invited to do so again,” says Richard Trollinger, Centre’s vice president for college relations. “Many people have asked for commemorative items, and we are happy to provide them.”
The online store offers a wide array of products, and promises to add more as the Debate draws closer. Some of the most popular offerings so far include t-shirts with the Debate logo printed across the front, baseball caps, stress balls, buttons, tumblers and more.
Special deals are offered on select products every Friday, so check the website weekly for discounted prices.
To make suggestions about other potential Debate merchandise products, post a comment on the Centre Facebook page here.
For more about the upcoming Vice Presidential Debate at Centre this fall, click here.

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