Dell Computer to plant trees for Centre

Centre College’s information technology department has joined with Dell Computer in the “Plant a Tree for Me” campaign, an effort to “offset the CO2 emissions related to the use of an extended selection of IT products.” By simply adding the “Plant a Tree for Me” option while configuring a new purchase, Dell will donate money toward planting trees.
According to Tyler Chelf, user support coordinator in Centre’s IT department, “The last order we purchased was for new computer equipment to go into Young Hall once the renovation is complete. One tree will be planted for every laptop, LCD monitor, and desktop in the order. Totaling up our order, we would have over 200 trees planted for that purchase alone.”
One hundred percent of all customer donations support Dell’s nonprofit partners, The Conservation Fund and, to plant millions of trees that will help trap carbon dioxide as they grow.
Donation amounts are based on expected average carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from the production of electricity needed to power the systems over three years—for a notebook .42 tons and for a desktop 1.26 tons. The cost of the carbon offset is $4.75 per ton. It costs approximately $6.31 per tree planted. On average a tree will sequester 1.33 tons of CO2 over 70 years through the program. Thus, the offset donation required to neutralize the carbon impact for notebooks is $2 and $6 for desktops.
Chelf added, “One of the best parts (besides saving the planet that is) is that by our selecting this option, Dell provided a discount on [the College’s] order. So by choosing to be environmentally conscious, we were also able to save a great deal of money!”
To learn more, go to Dell’s “Plant a Tree for Me.”
By Cindy Long

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